What people are saying about Lanzaro CPA LLC and The Tax Smart Landlord

Seamus Warakomski
Tri-City Heating and Cooling

When I purchased my new building, you recommended I use a cost segregation study to increase the amount of depreciation I could claim on my building during the first 5 years of ownership. I was floored when we were able to reclass 30% of the building costs as 5 and 7-year property which resulted in a $40,000 annual IRS tax savings for 2014 through 2019. It is refreshing to have someone with your knowledge of real estate on my team.

We want to thank you so much. The abandonment study you recommended in Tax Smart Tip #13 got us a 1.5 million dollar tax deduction on the renovation of our Kentucky apartment complex. Our investors saved over $300,000 in taxes this year. Plus, they think we’re heroes! We owe it all to you!

Robin Gestal
Positive Properties Lexington, LLC
Richard Simpson 
Diagnostic Test Group, 
Boca Raton, FL

​Thanks for being there with us. I don’t know how we would have gotten ready ready for our financial statement audit or cleaned up the mess caused by our network crash without your help. Our books are clean, we know who owes us what, what we owe to others and how much inventory we currently have on hand. Your professional approach to systems has made vast improvements to our ability to record our transactions. We could not be happier with your service and the value you bring to our company!

Thank you for your attention to detail on my account. Because of your thorough analysis of my books and prior tax returns, you found an error made by my prior accountant. I can't believe I am getting back over $20,000 thanks to your knowledge and hard work on my account.

Phil Bartlett
Bartlett Electric LLC
Gary Oppedisano
G & O Mechanical Contractors, LLC

Ted, what can I say? You have succeeded in giving me everything I asked for in our first meeting and more. I am impressed with your professional approach to assessing our needs and providing us with great tax solutions. You are a valued member of our team and worth every dollar we have invested in your services.

Hey Ted, your "Tax Smart Landlord" book is really informative! Tip #38 about using estate planning to avoid capital gains taxes by passing the properties to heirs is right on target. This strategy helped one of our clients avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes. Thanks for this guide. Can't wait to see what you roll out next!"

Eric Green
Tax Attorney