For Beginning Investors

By Ted Lanzaro, CPA

If you are a new investor looking to get started in real estate, Lanzaro CPA wants to help you become successful. We designed a beginning investor package just for you which includes all of the tax information you need to become a successful investor and save thousands of dollars a year on your taxes.

The Package includes: 

  • ​The physical and digital version of "The Tax Smart Landlord" tool kit - CPA Ted Lanzaro's Flagship tax product for real estate investors which includes three bonus reports and spreadsheets and checklist tools for every major scenario investors face. 
  • ​A one hour tax return review and tax planning consultation where CPA Ted Lanzaro reviews your unique situation and develops tailored tax strategies and entity structuring options to maximize your savings.
  • Access to our monthly "real estate experts" teleconferences - interviews and learning opportunities with professionals in all aspects of real estate investing - legal, insurance, mortgage lending, hard money lending, self-directed IRA's, tax engineering studies and much more. 
  • Access to continuing tax laws updates - always know what's new for investors and how it affects you as long as you are a client.

    Your total investment is $1,000 annually. To get started, click the payment button below.